Ghent Industrial Investment (G2i), founded in 1991 by two families from Ghent (Maes and Delori), is a private developer of business parks. G2i takes responsibility for the entire development process of a work location: from design to licensing, from preparing a site for building to the construction of roads and public utilities and from marketing to the final sale of land or real estate.

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Current situation

G2i commercialised the development in Evergem of one of the largest private projects in Flanders. Nest is a development of 160 ha of business park in the Ghent Canal zone, between the R4 and the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal, and was started in the nineties. Here, G2i developed regional business parks, SME zones and harbour sites.

All lots were already developed and in the meantime, everything is sold to various different international and large regional companies. G2i developed the sites in the Ghent Canal Zone in different phases.


When our representative saw a G2I sign, we were immediately convinced. For us, the most important reason for choosing Nest was the situation; but also the price, the region’s economic potential and full ownership as opposed to concession was extremely important.

 Marc Warson      www.warsco.eu

We were already seeking a site is the area. Thanks to our estate agent, we ended up at the Grote Nest and found a site that meets our requirements perfectly. The negotiations went quickly and correctly and were tailored for entrepreneurs.

Gunther Thuysbaert     www.deryckeverhuur.be

We chose G2I because of the spacious area that is available. The situation was also a crucial factor for us. This expansion enables us to support and inspire our customers even better.

Gert Beirens

Thanks to G2I, we have found a business park that was ideal for us in terms of the surroundings and facilities. The site itself appeals to us very much and through different channels, we were able to arrive at a quick agreement.

Wim Van Parijs       www.tbmabelgique.be/nl

As a growing company, we have to seek opportunities for moving forwards. Grote Nest offers us that opportunity and allows us further reflection. G2I appealed to us because it is the ideal combination of a favourable location and an appropriate price.

Steven Bergia     www.mea-gent.be


Alides – part of the Ghent Maes Group – assumes responsibility for the commercialisation of the land situated on Nest.

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