10/06/2015 - Number of jobs at port of Ghent continues to increase

Number of jobs at port of Ghent

continues to increase

Employment at port of Ghent has increased for the third year in a row, and it now accounts for 60,720 jobs. Added value has increased as well. Ghent Port Company is delighted to see an increase in the port’s economic importance as indicated by the figures from the National Bank of Belgium for 2013.

Employment in 2013 grew by 1.3%, or 347 new jobs, mainly in the automotive industry. Port of Ghent provides a total of 60,720 jobs, of which 27,368 through direct employment (+1.3%) and 33,353 through indirect employment (+ 3.3%). Over the past three years employment has continued to grow, yielding a total of 3,120 additional jobs.

Added value and investments
In 2013, the added value generated by port of Ghent increased to 6.7 billion euros. Of all the Flemish ports, Ghent, with an increase of 6.7%, posted the highest growth in terms of direct added value. Direct added value amounted to 3.4 billion euros while indirect added value was 3.3 billion euros.

Investments fell by 7.4% in 2013 to a total of 424.7 million euros. Of this amount, 11 million euros came from the public sector (Flemish Government). This drop was accounted for entirely by non-maritime activities (- 47.8 million euros). Stevedoring companies jointly invested a total of 4 million euros more than in 2012. ArcelorMittal was the biggest investor in 2012 and again in 2013.

Top 10 employers
Port of Ghent’s top 10 companies with the highest number of employees are: ArcelorMittal Ghent, Volvo Car Ghent, Volvo Group Belgium (including, among others, Volvo Trucks), DSV Solutions/Volvo Car Ghent, Denys, Honda Motor Europe Logistics, Stora Enso, Taminco/Eastman, Tower Automotive Belgium and Kronos Europe.

Source: www.havengent.be