About G2i

Ghent Industrial Investment (G2i) is a private developer of industiral sites, established in 1991 by two Ghent families (Maes and Delori). G2I stands for the complete development trajectory of a business park: from design to permit, preparing the terrain for construction to building roads and facilities and from marketing to the final sale of land or real-estate.

G2i is now working in Evergem to develop one of the largest private projects in Flanders. Developing 160 ha industrial sites in the Ghent canal zone, between the R4 and the Canal Ghent-Terneuzen was started in the nineties. G2i is developing regional industrial sites, SME-zones, port sites and semi-industrial real-estate. Already more than 60 ha has been developed and sold to various international and large regional companies. G2i is developing the sites in the Ghent canal zone in different phases.



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